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Welcome To Our Custom and Themed Playground Designs

At Miracle Recreation™, our Custom Design Studio brings the thrill of play to life with our extensive range of custom capabilities. Our custom design experts create premium, one-of-a-kind play space designs that can be tailored to fit the exclusive needs of your play space. From extraordinary components to exceptionally realistic themed play features, Miracle can turn an ordinary recreational space into an enchanting destination attraction.

From your original vision to the last finishing touches applied to the structure, our Custom Design Studio will work with you to outline a clear plan of action to bring your dream playground vision to life!

Why a Custom Playground?

Sometimes, pre-designed systems just aren’t a great fit. Maybe you have an inspiration to make the best use of your geography to create truly unique play spaces. Or perhaps you have some unique ideas for your playground that you just can’t address any other way.

No matter what the reason, building a one-of-a-kind custom playground with Miracle Recreation ensures you can offer an exciting, new and truly thrilling experience for kids! Miracle Recreation has been offering custom playgrounds for decades, and we can make virtually any dream come to life.

Why Miracle Recreation?

Whether you have a hint of an idea, a theme or a specific drawing, a playground designer from Miracle Recreation can work closely with you to make it a reality. Using innovative playground equipment design, Miracle Recreation can make your design work for any play space. Our playground designers will tailor the idea to ensure it fits in the space you have for your playground.

When you work with Miracle Recreation, you enjoy:

  • An experienced team of experts
  • A company dedicated to providing exciting, thrilling playgrounds
  • A team of professionals with decades of design experience, ensuring they can bring your dream to life
  • A comprehensive process that takes you through design and implementation
  • A transparent process that allows you to see designs, plans, costs and timelines so you can stay on target
  • The work of dedicated designers and engineers who work to ensure your design is safe as well as exhilarating for kids
  • Exceptional customer service, which protects you every step of the way


We’ve designed many playgrounds around a variety of themes. From train stations to natural worlds to a playground concept based on anything you can imagine, we’ve done it all. Our experience ensures we have the design capabilities and the background to make your dream come true. Contact a Miracle Recreation design representative today to get started on this exciting journey!


Bring any dream to life.
Here’s how to get started:


Contact your Miracle representative to start the design process


We’ll provide you with drawings and concepts that transform your ideas into a tangible framework


This includes final drawings, project costs and timelines.


This is the best part! Our expert staff will build a custom, high-quality, sage and durable play space that fits your needs.

Get Inspired and Let's Create Something New